Look Back to the Developing History of TaylorMade Golf Clubs

Recently, you can find lots of new golf clubs on market. Among all of those new clubs, most brands are famous ones like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist and Ping. From 2015 to 2016, there are quantities of new clubs coming out to meet different golfers’ demand. But among all of these clubs, I am keen on TaylorMade golf clubs. And I know that many people have the same idea with me.

As a classic and famous brand. TaylorMade really have done much on updating new golc clubs. In early days, the R series clubs could be a magic in golf field from R1 to R7, then R9, R11 untill today’s new R15. You can either select 9.5 degree or 10.5 degree. And these clubs are available in both white and black head. Golfers can just select the color they prefer. In my opinion, I like black ones better. By the way, R15 is different in 430 and 460 head. Later than that, they designed speedblade, sldr and jetspeed series golf clubs. I dare say that most palyers must have used the Speedbalde irons before. Yes, they are indeed excellent golf sets which help us imporve the game.

Not long ago, the new M1 and M2 drivers were launched with expectation. And the truth is that TaylorMade never let you golfers down though with expensive price. The M1 offers as much adjustability as anything out there to enable you to fine tune your driver performance to match your swing. However the M1 is expensive and nowadays a lot of drivers that just have an adjustable hosel have head designs that are so forgiving that they can suit an ever widening range of golfers without having to resort to moving weights around the sole. This is where the M2 comes in and is the first multi-material driver TaylorMade has created in their lower price point range.

As for fairway wood, we usually like to buy 3 wood 15 degree and 5 wood 18 degree. Actually, there are also some 7 woods for your choice. When it comes to hybrid, we would firstly think of rescue hybrid. Here, I want to talk about the atv, rbz, rocketballz, rocketblade, burner superfast, burner superfast 2.0 and aero burner series clubs. They are very similar series clubs but different in many aspects. If you want thiner face and faster speed, rocketblade would be a good choice.

Afterwards, TaylorMade introduced the rsi 1 and rsi 2 irons. They are not the same as those forged irons even though both contain PW, AW and SW in total 3 wedge. These new 2016 irons are not only sell in UK but also all over the world. These mens latest irons can be found in both physical golf shop and online shop. Golfers can get adjustment and free shipping from those shops. These new clubs are easily to be preowned at best price. You can always find them for sale with cheap discount on some online stores.

Finally, when you have all the clubs above in hands, you may still need a putter. Then your game can be completed better. As for putter, TaylorMade might not be doing so well like Titleist. But the ghost and rossa series putters are still enjoying many golf fans. Although there is still a long way to go, I would be with you in this long way.

Best Price TaylorMade Golf Clubs include M1 M2 rsi1 rsi 2 SLDR R15 R1 Aeroburner Driver Irons For Sale

Best Price TaylorMade Golf Clubs include M1 M2 rsi1 rsi 2 SLDR R15 R1 Aeroburner Driver Irons For Sale.

TaylorMade M1 Driver Regular Stiff 9.5 10.5  £169.99

TaylorMade M2 Driver Regular Stiff 9.5 10.5 £169.99

TaylorMade R15 Black White Driver Regular Stiff 9.5 10.5 £159.99

TaylorMade SLDR Driver Regular Stiff 9.5 10.5 £159.99

TaylorMade M2 Irons 4-9PS Steel Graphite Shaft Regular Stiff Flex £269.99

Also Rsi 1 irons, sldr irons, rocketbladez irons in stock with best price in UK.